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Hersteller: Texas Instruments

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Produktinformationen "TPS65982DAZQZR"


USB Type-C® and USB PD Controller, Power Switch, and High-Speed Multiplexer

The TPS65982 device is a stand-alone USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) controller providing cableplug and orientation detection at the USB Type- C connector. Upon cable detection, the TPS65982 device communicates on the CC wire using the USB PD protocol. After successful USB PD negotiation is complete, the TPS65982 enables the appropriate power path and configures alternate mode settings for internal and (optional) external multiplexers.
The mixed-signal front end on the CC pins advertises default, 1.5 A or 3 A for USB Type-C power sources, detects a plug event and determines the Type-C cable orientation, and autonomously negotiates USB PD contracts using a Bi-phase Marked Coding (BMC) and the Physical Layer (PHY) protocol.


  • This device is certified by the USB-IF for PD2.0
    – PD2.0 is no longer certifiable on new designs as of June 2020
    – All new designs requiring certification should use a PD3.0 compliant device
    – Article on PD2.0 vs PD3.0
  • Fully configurable USB PD controller
    – Control for external DC/DC supplies through GPIO
    -- Ex: TPS65982EVM
    – Port data multiplexer
    -- USB 2.0 HS data and low speed endpoint
    -- Sideband-use data for alternate modes
    – GUI tool to easily configure TPS65982 for various applications
    – Support for DisplayPort alternate mode and thunderbolt alternate mode
    – For a more extensive selection guide and getting started information, please refer to and E2E guide
  • Integrated fully managed power paths:
    – Integrated 5-V, 3-A, 50-mΩ sourcing switch
    – Integrated 5-V to 20-V, 3-A, 95-mΩ bidirectional load switch
    – Gate control and current sense for external 5-V to 20-V, 5-A bidirectional switch (back-to-back NFETs)
    – UL2367 cert#: E169910-20150728 – IEC62368-1 cert #: 111895
  • Integrated robust power path protection
    – Integrated reverse current protection, undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, and slew rate control the high-voltage bidirectional power path
    – Integrated undervoltage and overvoltage protection and current limiting for inrush current protection for the 5-V/3-A source power path
  • USB Type-C® Power Delivery (PD) controller
    – 8 configurable GPIOs – BC1.2 charging support
    – USB PD 2.0 certified
    – USB Type-C specification certified
    – Cable attach and orientation detection
    – Integrated VCONN switch
    – Physical layer and policy engine
    – 3.3-V LDO output for dead battery support
    – Power supply from 3.3 V or VBUS source
    – 1 I2C primary port


  • Rugged PC and laptop
  • Docking station
  • Flat panel monitor

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