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The EN25Q32B is a 32 Megabit (4096K-byte) Serial Flash memory, with advanced write protection mechanisms. The EN25Q32B supports the standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), and a high performance Dual output as well as Quad I/O using SPI pins: Serial Clock, Chip Select, Serial DQ0(DI), DQ1(DO), DQ2(WP#) and DQ3(NC). SPI clock frequencies of up to 80MHz are supported allowing equivalent clock rates of 160MHz for Dual Output when using the Dual Output Fast Read instructions, and SPI clock frequencies of up to 50MHz are supported allowing equivalent clock rates of 200MHz for Quad Output when using the Quad Output Fast Read instructions. The memory can be programmed 1 to 256 bytes at a time, using the Page Program instruction. 
The EN25Q32B is designed to allow either single Sector/Block at a time or full chip erase operation. The EN25Q32B can be configured to protect part of the memory as the software protected mode. The device can sustain a minimum of 100K program/erase cycles on each sector or block.


  • Single power supply operation
- Full voltage range: 2.7-3.6 volt

  • Serial Interface Architecture
- SPI Compatible: Mode 0 and Mode 3

  • 32 M-bit Serial Flash
- 32 M-bit/4096 K-byte/16384 pages 
- 256 bytes per programmable page

  • Standard, Dual or Quad SPI
- Standard SPI: CLK, CS#, DI, DO, WP# 
- Dual SPI: CLK, CS#, DQ0, DQ1, WP# 
- Quad SPI: CLK, CS#, DQ0, DQ1, DQ2, DQ3

  • High performance
- 104MHz clock rate for one data bit 
- 80MHz clock rate for two data bits 
- 50MHz clock rate for four data bits

  • Low power consumption
- 12 mA typical active current 
- 1 μA typical power down current

  • Uniform Sector Architecture:
- 1024 sectors of 4-Kbyte 
- 64 blocks of 64-Kbyte 
- Any sector or block can be erased individually

  • Software and Hardware Write Protection:
- Write Protect all or portion of memory via software 
- Enable/Disable protection with WP# pin

  • High performance program/erase speed
- Page program time: 1.3ms typical 
- Sector erase time: 90ms typical 
- Block erase time 500ms typical 
- Chip erase time: 25 seconds typical

  • Lockable 512 byte OTP security sector

  • Minimum 100K endurance cycle

  • Package Options
- 8 pins SOP 200mil body width 
- 8 contact VDFN (5x6mm)
- 8 contact VDFN (6x8mm)
- 8 pins PDIP
- 16 pins SOP 300mil body width
- 24 balls TFBGA (6x8mm)
- All Pb-free packages are RoHS compliant

  • Industrial and Extended temperature Range

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